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BugsBunnyFanNo1's Profile Picture
Bugsy Randy.
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hello there! My name is BugsBunnyFanNo1 and I'm 16 years old teenager! I am a pegasister and I love drawing anything that pops in my mind. :XD:

People that I love :heart:

:heart::icongentlemanpanda::heart: This guy was my first ever dA friend! He was always there to help me out, cheer me up at sad times and he was very sweet to me right from the start. He's not very online these days, but I still have memories of our conversations and all the fun stuff we did together. Thank you very much, Jenkins!

:heart::iconangry-pig::heart: She used to be my neighbour in real life, until she moved back to Vilnius! She might be a meanie, but she has been there for me for a pretty long time! I'm really glad that she fixed her life and finally stopped smoking. I just wish we would talk to each other more often. Ether way, I'm really glad for all the memories and love you gave to my OCs, Camilla, thank you!

:heart::iconauldblue::heart: She is an excellent writer and artist. I really enjoy her comic and art, and I look up to her as one of my drawing idols! You should go and watch her if you love the sea and it's creatures, or are a huge fan of the colour blue which is an epic colour, shh... Thank you very much, Oji, for being a good friend and idol!

:heart::iconfrost-paw123::heart: I'm really happy that she is back, after her 1 year hiatus! I don't really care that her art is rather creepy, I like creepy art! She's really funny and a bit crazy like me! Our conversations are really fun and I hope to talk to her more. Thank you very much, Miku!

:heart::iconleothehedgehog071000::heart: I might be the only one who knows his secret, but I will never tell it to anyone. I am even his first dA friend, which is epic! I remember supporting him through the tough times he was going! He's really fun to talk to and has a great sense of humour. Thank you very much, Leo!

:heart::iconalexsim::heart: Gosh, I wish I could draw chibis as good as he does! Seriously, his art is uber cute and you should all watch him if you are a Little Monster like me and him. He don't usually talk that much these days, but we always end up talking about Mother Monster in our conversations. Thank you very much, Alex!

:heart::iconmint-banana::heart: This guy is pure awesomeness! He is really sweet, caring and generous! He's like Rarity, but not as fabulous as she is. He tries though. I sometimes can't even believe he is real! He is really cheerful, even though he had had a terrible past. Thank you very much, Mint!

:heart::iconaskrealsasuke-uchiha::heart: I really can't wait until he comes back online! He is very sweet, nearly as candy, and he is really kind! We haven't talked much to each other, but he is a great friend and wish to talk to him more! Thank you very much, teddy bear!

:heart::iconlaemperatrizmariana::heart: This gal is my dearest troll brother! I'm even stalking her on her ID. I'm really glad to have her in my life, as she has helped me through the toughest times of my life. We share a lot in common, mostly robots, and we enjoy making random headcanons about them. Thank you very much, Mariana!

:heart::iconemo-san-sad::heart: I absolutely love my dA wife! Don't ask me why she is my wife, she just is. Way to long story to tell you! She is really funny, even though her English isn't perfect, and she has really stunning brown eyes~ Thank you very much, Sachi!

:heart::iconcatsfromelsweyr::heart: Something has always been special between us. That sisterly love appeared to be true love that was taking over my body. Totally not creepy at all. You are the most amazing girl that I love to the bones. I love you, Cats! :heart:

:heart::iconkornne69::heart: A fellow Lithuanian and a great friend! She isn't much of an artist, but her writing is really good! Seriously, how does one write as good as her? I really wish our RPs would last a bit longer, but they are still good, even if they are short. Thank you very much, Korrne!

:heart::iconunova-fangirl::heart: She is just so awesome! Don't judge her because of the fact that her art isn't the best, she is really fun to talk to! I remember she was really happy when I told her I will add her to my friends list, she was even honoured! Didn't knew that someone would be honoured, she must like me a lot... Thank you very much, Unova!

:heart::iconlilyos::heart: She is so crazy, her craziness level is the same as mine! She is like a little sister to me, I'm always here to help her out! I really can't wait until we will meet each other in real life, as we live in the same town. Thank you very much, Alice!

:heart::iconbechaxfluo::heart: Even though our start wasn't the best, we turned out to be really good friends! Her art is really cute, and she is really funny! I have no idea what I would do without her, never want to loose her! Thank you very much, Biach!

Something about me:

I'm just a troll :trollface: But that doesn't mean I will use the information I know against you, depends how our relationship will go. :dummy:

My personas:

Furrsona: Miglė the Snipe
Ponysona: PlayShioshan 2
Zodiac sona: Miglė the Sagittarius
Skyrim-sona: Kauna the Khajiit.

I hope you like me ;)
Just like my comrade, I've been playing Sims 2. Y'all know how much I love this game, so shush your mouths. I've created like four families actually five, but still but only had the chance to play with two three. I still laugh at the name of the neighbourhood. Seriously, the lot names are more serious. 

The Yves; A family of wannabe gangstas/badasses. I've only played like 2-3 hours with them. It took me like an hour to create them, build their house but the last hour I got bored with them so I left them alone. Basically, a single mom named Hilary and her teen daughter Joyce. 

The Weirs; my current sim family, the pink army, or as I call them, just "the pinks". This family is just so... it's like their sad and happy at the same time. The father Eddie is becoming a writer that likes writing novels about war. I'm surprised he didn't die from drowning. He fell asleep in front of his mac and cheese. The food became his pillow basically, and he was sleeping there for hours. Then he woke up and finished his food like nothing happened. His wife Kiki likes blocking the way, or using objects that others need to use. She just gets others mad but stays happy herself. Idk why, but I can't manage to get her and Ed sleep together. Maybe something happened between them? I did see them argue. The teen daughter Babette is supposed to be a hopeless romantic, but seems to be a bigger jock than her brother. Poor girl, she's only worth a C, while her brother - an A. And the problem behind this is that Babette is the one doing both homeworks. That sad acne face of hers makes me laugh. The reason why her brother, Timothy, isn't doing homework is because he has a job in the military. He was the first one in the family to get a job, so he was going through a lot of stress. He passed out a few times, and he isn't really a good flirt with the ladies. Oh well, maybe he will find his love someday? But I swear, Ed is so slow and laid back, he missed two chances of petting a skunk and a penguin. Like he just stood there and when the animals went away, he started slowly walking. Like what? Move yo ass, bish. 

The Ushers; never happy family of pessimists. I've yet to play as this family, but I like how they look. The husband is making fun of the wife in the family photo :XD: So, the husband is named Huckleberry and he's rather aggressive. He beats his wife sometimes, while being sober, when he's really pissed. He's actually a good dad, despite his sins. His wife Wanda is like the sad sheep that goes along with orders others give her. I like her, she's pretty. Their son Jim is just there. He's basically an invisible, thinking that nobody notices him or his hard work. I made him and Babette date due to reasons :heart: 

The Treadwells; a weird family, that's it, that's all I can say about them. The husband Walter is a black guy from the tropicals. He was castawayd, and lived life like there was no tomorrow. He just didn't care in a good happy way. He was then rescued by an Asian pirate Claire. She made him her slave, but then they fell in love and he was her sexual bitch. They got twins, even though the girls don't look alike, but they're twins. Cindy is an insane party animal, that has a violent nature and can't seem to control it. Lou is a junior pirate that doesn't give a shit about anyone and won't help a soul if there's no pay.

So far, those are my sim families. I need to play as the wannabes after I'll finish playing as the pinks. But so far, that family seems more interesting. :p 

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